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  • Quality Leads

Build Your Pipeline

Attracting new business and getting your name out there can be time-consuming and frustrating, without a constant stream of new contacts it’s hard to build your business.

REA Lead Solutions gives you the ability to connect with buyers and sellers that are actively searching for a realtor to help them navigate through the process of buying or selling. Don’t waste time knocking doors or spending a fortune on direct mail, we give you the ability to build your business the easiest way possible with flexible options to fit your budget.

  • How It Works

Our Process Is Simple

Our team is constantly monitoring multiple online channels to find people interested in buying or selling. We want to make sure we provide the best quality lead to you, so once we identify a prospect a member of our team reaches out to verify they are still looking for a realtor. Once the prospect verifies they are looking for a realtor we immediately send their contact information to you to reach out and make contact.

  • What’s The Cost

Flexible Budget Pricing

Most of our competition starts by charging expensive setup fees on top of a monthly subscription fee, and all of this is before you ever receive your first lead. At REA Lead Solutions we only ever charge on a per lead bases at the time of you receiving your first batch of leads. Our pricing per lead are as low as $25 and is based on how many leads you are purchasing on a weekly/monthly basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a contract?2022-01-30T01:55:46+00:00

We offer one-time, weekly, and monthly purchase options. But we also offer per lead discounts if you sign a yearly agreement with a 200 lead monthly minimum.

Do the leads I purchase also get sent to other agents?2022-01-30T01:57:12+00:00

No. At REA Lead Solutions we want all our agent partners to have the highest ROI, so leads are always exclusive.

What types of leads are they?2022-01-30T01:57:20+00:00

We generate a mixture of both buyers and sellers with the occasional commercial lead.

How are the leads generated?2022-01-30T01:57:28+00:00

Once we partner with a real estate agent in a specific market (targeted based on area codes), we use our proprietary monitoring system to find people that have shown signs of needing a realtor online using a network of websites. Once we identify a possible prospect, someone from our team reaches out to verify they are indeed looking for a realtor. After we verify they are looking for a realtor we send you their phone number to reach out and turn them into a new client.

We Work With Agents From The Industry Leaders

Let’s Make Things Happen

Our team is standing by to assist you with any questions and get you setup to grow your pipeline!

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